Common Rail Pumps and Electronic Injectors




The Common Rail Simulator allows to verify the efficiency of the common rail systems on the test benches; the simulator has the following configuration:

· Hardware Box

· Accessories:

1.    Cable for BOSCH (RDS) Pressure Sensor BOSCH/MERCEDES connector 

2.    Cable for DELPHI and SIEMENS Pressure Sensor 

3.    Cable for BOSCH Pressure Sensor on PSA group vehicles (CITROEN/PEUGEOT) 

4.    Cable for DELPHI IMV / DENSO SCV / SIEMENS PCV and VCV valves (2 Pcs)  

5.    Cable for BOSCH DRV / ZME Pressure Regulator BOSCH/MERCEDES connector (2 Pcs)

6.    Cable for Hardware box and piezoelectric injector voltage stabilizator connecting

7.    Cable for BOSCH CP1 pump third element deactivating valve (Shut-OFF valve) 

8.    Cable for 6 electromagnetic injectors BOSCH/MERCEDES connectors 

9.    Adaptor for injectors DELPHI DFI1.1 - DFI1.4 (6 Pcs)

10.  Adaptor for injectors DENSO (6 Pcs)

11.  Adaptor for Common Rail injectors installed on trucks (6 Pcs)

12.  Cable for 6 piezo-electric injectors SIEMENS/BOSCH connectors 

13.  Cable for feeding UE-Italian or CE SCHUKO standard type (2 Pcs)

14.  Serial cable 9 pins M/F for PC connection

15.  Adaptor USB (1.1 or 2.0) / Serial (RS232) with cable and software driver

16.  AUTRONIKA RAIL_SIM managing softwares for PC with Microsoft Windows O.S.

17.  Technical manual and user instructions with test reference plan

18.  Hydraulic and mechanic test kit for installing and validating Common Rail systems (optional test set)  

Hardware Box

Is the centre of the system, located in a splendid, well-ventilated rack, containing the power groups for handling the single elements to be tested and the managing logics.

The Box is connected to a DTE (Personal Computer) by the serial port of communication of 9 pins type pin-to-pin and together with the licensed managing software permits to control the following injection systems:

· BOSCH Common Rail

1. System with pump type CP1

2. System with pump type CP1-K

3. System with pump type CP1-H

4. System with pump type CP3

5. System with pump type CP4

· DELPHI Common Rail

              1. System with pump type DFP1

              2. System with pump type DFP3

              3. System with pump type DFP6

· SIEMENS Common Rail

              1. System with pump type DCP1

           2. System with pump type DCP2


· DENSO Common Rail

              1. System with pump type HP2

              2. System with pump type HP3

              3. System with pump type HP4


You can also control:

Up to 6 (Six) Common Rail electromagnetic injectors

1. Bosch (CRI1.0, CRI2.0, CRI2.1, CRI2.2, CRI MV, CRIN1, CRIN2, CRIN3)

2. Delphi (DFI1.1, DFI1.4, DFI1.5)

3. Denso (X1, X2, G2)

4. John Deere

5. Komatsu

6. Caterpillar


Piezo-electric Common Rail Injectors voltage stabilizator

Is the hardware box allows to generate a stable output tension for 6 CR piezo injectors validating. The stabilizator is connected to the Common Rail Simulator by specific cable for testing:

Up to 6 (Six) Common Rail piezo-electric injectors

1. VDO/Siemens

2. Bosch in-line (CRI3.16, CRI3.18, CRI3.20)

4. Denso

5. Continental


The new version of AUTRONIKA Common Rail Simulator allows to control as well 2 pressure regulators (DRV / DRV2 / PCV) or feeding valves (ZME / IMV / SCV / VCV), Shut-Off valve for third pumping element present in some common rail systems produced by BOSCH with pump type CP1 deactivating, Bosch pressure sensor (RDS / RDS2 / RDS3 / RDS4), Delphi pressure sensor, Siemens Pressure sensor.



Optional Accessories:

The accessories for Common Rail truck (pumps and electromagnetic injectors) (RENAULT dci, IVECO Tector, DURAMAX) testing are optional and can be ordered upon request.



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